The Royal Wedding & A Pork Pie


The Royal Wedding is this weekend and we find ourselves caught up amongst the excitement – what will the dress be like? What songs will play? But, of course, we can’t be alone as all the foodies out there wonder – what do the Royals eat at a sit down wedding meal? During the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s wedding in 2011, it’s reported that following the ceremony there was a wedding breakfast, a luncheon held by the Queen then later an evening reception which included a sit down dinner. We don’t know about you, but this sounds a pretty good day of food to us, and since Meghan is a self proclaimed foodie, just like us, we’re betting her wedding menu has been carefully considered and planned.

Since we won’t know until after the wedding what the Royal couple and their guests ate, we thought we’d join in on the speculation and wonder that if we were a Royal getting married, what would we want to eat on our special day? With no expense spared by our imagination, here’s what we came up with for our British feast…


For starters, we’d have a decadent cheese board, complete with various cheeses and different breads and crackers to provide multiple textures and flavours. We’d even want to go the extra mile whilst we’re feeling Royal to add in some Branston Pickle and grapes, because why not! To create the perfect cheeseboard, have a read of our blog on the ultimate cheeseboard; we favour a mature cheddar and a Camembert together to have a contrast of flavours and texture. Usually, the best cheseboards would contain a cheese from each style but for a platter to serve, we’d stick to cheeses we know are the best known and most loved just to make sure everyone’s happy!

Main Course:

Sticking to the British theme, we’re going to have to go for a pork pie for our main – did you think we’d choose anything else? A lattice pork pie would do nicely here, with some mash and some mushy peas; because although this is a Royal theme we’re going for, some things we just can’t compromise on and flavour and comfort food is one of them. The salmon served at Prince William’s wedding sounds delicious, but pie and mash is a classic that we can’t argue with; plus, it doesn’t get more British does it? A fun fact to pop in here is that we know Royals have enjoyed pork pies as the first recorded recipe for the pork pie was actually written down in King Richard II’s kitchen which you can read all about in this blog. 

The Cake:

The cake will be made by Claire Ptak, a pastry chef who was raised in California and now lives in London so it’s a nice nod to Meghan’s heritage and after a quick scroll of her Instagram feed, full of delicious looking baking full of flowers and flavours, it’s not hard to see why the couple chose Violet Cakes! The cake itself has been confirmed by Kensington Palace to be a lemon elder flower cake ‘covered with buttercream and decorated with fresh flowers’ according to Kensington Palace’s Twitter account.

The Dessert:

Of course, we don’t class the wedding cake as the dessert! So, what would we like for dessert? Well, there’s little that shouts ‘British Summertime’ than a British Trifle and since we’re pretty desperate for Summer at this point, we’ll go for a trio of dessets just like Kate and Will, so a strawberry trifle is dessert one. Dessert two would have to be a crumbly and light scone with strawberry jam and clotted cream because lets face it, it’s incredibly British and incredibly delicious. Also on the theme of strawberry flavours and British summertime, our third dessert would be strawberries and cream with meringue – yum.


So there you have it, our imaginary Royal wedding menu – our imaginary eyes are way bigger than our bellies but we think our guests would be delighted in our choices. Will you be watching on Saturday? We can’t wait!

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