The World’s First Ever 100% Pork Pie Themed Quiz (probably)


Vale of Mowbray Pork Pie Quiz

Sick of boring Zoom quizzes? Yeah us too. That’s why we’ve spiced things up with a pork pie themed quiz Give it a go with your mates and let us know who the Piemaster was.

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Download a printable version of the Quiz here >>> Vale of Mowbray Pork Pie Quiz


Good Luck.


Right, here we go…


  1. In cockney rhyming slang, what does pork pies, or porky pies, mean?
  2. Pork pies are a direct descendant from which historical era’s cuisine?
  3. Grosvenor pies typically include what in the centre?
  4. What pastry are pork pies made from?
  5. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, when was the word ‘pie’ first used?
  6. Early pork pies were known as what?
  7. In what year was the first pork pie thought to have been made?
  8. What year did Vale of Mowbray bake their first pork pie?
  9. How heavy was the world’s largest pork pie?
  10. How much was the world’s most expensive pie?


How do you think you’ve done? if you missed the answers being revealed on our social media channels, send us an email with your answers and we’ll let you know how you’ve done.




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