Our Top January Healthy Pork Pie Accompaniments


The salad is pretty straight forwards, just wash, chop and serve! We use the avocado and beetroot as our salad dressing, but if you’d like to add one in then just use your favourite! To go best with this, we’d go with a mini pork pie or a mini pork and pickle – perhaps even a cheese and pickle snack pork pie to really add in some different flavours!

There’s not much prep time with this one and zero cook time, so it’s a go-to for us this month when we’re adding a healthy spin to our pork pie. It’s a pretty simple switch to swap our mashed potato for the salad and salsa, but when the weathers so cold outside (as it is in Yorkshire right now!) it’s still a flavorsome and comforting recipe. But we’ll never stray too far from our beloved pie mash and peas!

As well as eating healthier, we’re also getting on the fitness bandwagon – here in Yorkshire we always get swept up in the craze of sports when the warmer weather comes around. With the Tour de Yorkshire racing through the county in only a matter of months, we all find ourselves on our bikes practicing the courses – for now, we’re inside a gym as it’s still snowing(!!) but soon we’ll be out in the countryside and we can’t wait!

What are your favourite sports you plan to do this year? In 2018, as well as attending some fabulous events that are planned – including the Tour de Yorkshire, Triathlons in Roundhay Park to Leeds and some Tough Mudder, Yorkshire Warrior and more!

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