Our Top Ways to Use Up Leftovers


We’re not naïve enough to think you’ll ever have much, if any, left over pork pie – what a heinous crime that would be. But if you’ve got leftovers from other meals, how can you jazz them up to serve alongside your pork pie to make a new and exciting meal? We’ve picked our three favourites and we’d love to hear yours!

Bubble & Squeak
Being profoundly British, Bubble and Squeak has to be top of our Top Ways to Use Leftovers. The crack and sizzle of a pan of this British staple is enough to warm the cockles. The joy of Bubble and Squeak is there are No Rules. Anything Goes. However, a good base of mashed potato is the place to start.

So if it’s Monday and you went a bit crazy with the veg for yesterday’s roast, then Bubble and Squeak nestled alongside your favourite Vale of Mowbray Pork Pie is a way to ensure you start the week on the right foot.

Simply heat a heavy based pan on a medium heat. Add something to stop your mixture sticking (we love a knob of lard or roasting fat, but in the spirit of all things healthy you could opt for a dash of vegetable oil). Then mix up your chopped leftover veggies with the mash and tip in to the pan. Get patting with the mixture and listen as you begin to get the classic ‘bubble’ and ‘squeak’ sounds. After around 5 minutes attempt to turn the patty mixture over. If it won’t flip, no problem, Bubble and Squeak works just as well broken up.

It works with any leftover veg, but cabbage, carrots and parsnips are our favourites. If you have some bacon going spare then toss that in too!

Another brilliant leftover vessel is Frittata, a Spanish Omelette. Again, the joy here is that you can use whichever leftovers you have to hand. Caramelised onion and salty cheese are a good combo, or chuck in the mixed peppers that are sitting in your salad drawer, or leftover meat such as sausage, chorizo, or chicken.

Chop up your leftovers in to small pieces and then follow our recipe:

30g Butter
6 Eggs
½ Cup Double Cream
Preheat your oven to 180˚C (170˚C fan). Take an oven proof dish and lightly grease it with butter. Beat the eggs and the cream together. Add all your leftovers and don’t forget to season. Pop in the oven for around 20-30 min until the top is golden and the frittata doesn’t wobble when you give the dish a nudge. Flip out from the dish, or serve directly alongside your delicious pork pie.

Warming Soup
Last but by no means least, a hearty soup is a top way to use up leftovers. Served for lunch alongside a plate of individual pork pies and everyone will be happy.

Simply start with a good stock (vegetable or chicken work best). Then add in your leftover veggies and meat and heat until simmering. Whizz it all up in a liquidiser, pop back in the pan, stir through and serve. Easy!

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