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Posted by on 17th Nov 2017 4:56pm

Christmas pork pie accompaniment: Cranberry Sauce

Christmas pork pie accompaniment: Cranberry Sauce

This one is such an easy recipe but it’s such a traditional sauce that’s much better homemade than shop bought! The whole process is really quick and easy and really adds to the dish whether that’s Christmas dinner itself, on your cheese board along with some cheese and pickle pork pies or just to have in a sandwich at work!

Are you having a Thanksgiving meal this year? We’re proud Yorkshire folk so we don’t usually have an American traditional Thanksgiving meal, however, after years of seeing delicious spreads online of our American friends having their feasts, we thought perhaps it’s something we’re missing out on. Enter: Friendsgiving. Invite your friends over, get together some delicious food, a boardgame or two and a good playlist and you’re in for a fantastic night. Watch out for our Friendsgiving post where we’ll walk you through a more Yorkshire version of the holiday!

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