Yorkshire Beer and Pork Pie Pairings


We’ve written about delicious beers that go well with our pork pies before, but for today’s post we thought we’d focus on our favourite region – Yorkshire! – and spotlight some of the pairings we’ve discovered through rigorous experimentation. It’s a hard life, but someone’s got to do it!

Northern Monk Eternal

First sampled out of a can on a picnic, this hoppy IPA has notes of tangerine and citrus that go really well with our snack pork pies. Especially on a hot day, it’s a really light and refreshing beer that quenches your thirst – just what you need for summer! We think it would be a great beer to have at your BBQ buffet, and it’s made just down the road in Leeds.

Saltaire Amarillo Gold

We love Saltaire, and we’re big fans of Saltaire Brewery, having worked our way through most of their beers! We’ve picked their Amarillo Gold beer for something a bit different – it’s a wheat beer so it has quite a distinctive flavour that we think matches well with our pies, and there’s lots of citrus in there to cut through the richness of the meat.

The Hop Studio Pilsner

If you’re normally a lager sort of person, you’ll love Pilsner from The Hop Studio. A true Yorkshire lager, it’s creamy, dry, hoppy and herby – and it’s made in York! One to try if you’re in the pub, and it’s available in bottles too so perfect for taking home to have with your pork pie dinner.

Roosters YPA

We like so many of Roosters’ beers that it’s hard to pick just one to pair with our pork pies, but we settled on YPA because it’s a bit of a classic. With peach and berry flavours it’s a nod to a great pork pie flavour combination, and as a pale ale it’s perfect for Summer.

Magic Rock High Wire Grapefruit

We’re going out on a limb a bit here by introducing a grapefruit beer to the mix, but bear with us! High Wire Grapefruit from Huddersfield-based Magic Rock may be brewed with grapefruit (which as a juice is an acquired taste!) but it really does work to make a seriously citrusy, hoppy beer. It’s probably not for the faint-hearted, but if you’re ready to try something fruity and tangy we’d highly recommend it as a pork pie pairing.

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