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Posted by on 27th Jul 2020 1:56pm

Yorkshire Day Done Reet

Yorkshire Day Done Reet

All good Yorkshire men and women (and those that rightly love God’s Own County) know that August 1st is that most glorious of celebratory days… Yorkshire Day!

Now, it might still be July but a reet proper shindig needs a bit of prep, don’t you think?

Here is ‘Yarkshire’, it’s likely to be a bit grey on the day, but that doesn’t stop it from being blooming beautiful. Pack up your picnic hamper and head out for a socially distanced picnic! We have moors, dales, coasts and cities to explore, from the stunning Yorkshire three peaks to the sandy beaches of Scarborough, the bright lights of Leeds and York to the quiet villages famed for their dry stone walls and quirky independent shops.

So, obviously you need PIE. A picnic is just a disappointing snack without some of our famous meaty fodder involved! If it’s warm, make sure you take an ice pack to keep them fresh – our pork and egg pie is great for sharing (or not, we don’t judge), our scotch eggs add an extra tasty element and the pork, cheese and pickle pies are a bit too moreish for their own good.

Pack chutneys – Yorkshire is responsible for some rather fantastic ones and you really should try Calders Kitchen piccalilli, too!

Salad – just a little so mum doesn’t look at you disapprovingly. Besides, a big fresh juicy tomato is a delicious accompaniment to a pie

Cheese is another picnic staple. We’re particularly fond of The Home Farmer’s range which is handcrafted just up the road in Wensleydale.

Which leads us on to…. Beer. Naturally. We love the Pennine Brewing Company’s Cellar No:3 – ideal with our pies. And if you’re wanting something a little less alcoholic, you really can’t go wrong with a good old cup of Yorkshire Tea. And it absolutely has to be out of a thermos flask, too.


So pack up that picnic and get yourself a slice of absolutely wonderful Yorkshire Day action. Let’s see your pie selfies in our wonderful county’s many, many beauty spots! (We may reward you with free pie…)



Blog post by Lizzie from Peachy Digital


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