Yorkshire Tennis Season & Pork Pies


When we think of British summer time, we think Pimms, walking on the beach with a Mr Whippy and Wimbledon. The games begin next week on July 1st and we’re keeping our fingers crossed for sunny weather. Summer might have begun a few weeks ago now, but it really starts to feel like summer when Wimbedon starts and it’s on every screen you walk past. We admit that whenever a sporting event is on, we tend to get super involved and somehow overly competitive in that sport; we’re David Beckham when football comes on, Chloe Kim during the Winter Olympics and Andy Murray during the tennis season.


So, in the spirit of being Tennis pros for a few weeks in the summer, we wondered how we could get out and about this summer and get practicing our tennis skills. Remember that in your sports bag you will need; water, sun cream if you’re playing outside and a pack of pork pies for when you and your friends get hungry after the game. Tennis is often seen as a rather elite game, full of poised silence from the audience – but we say go have fun! Get your trainers out and run round the court with your friends shouting deuce!

You won’t need a membership for the following – just pay and play:



There’s quite a few free tennis courts around Leeds. The more popular courts such as the Roundhay courts you will need to reserve in advance. There’s coaching available if you’ve not played before or you just want some pointers on your technique. Coaching programmes are available in Roundhay Park, Dartmouth Park and Springhead Park throughout summer. Free coaching, this is available at Manston Park and Cross Flatts Park. Have a look at the website to book the sessions. A guide price for the coaching is around £7 for an hour and a half, courses for kids at around £24.


Tennis camp

If your kids are wanting to improve their tennis this Summer, there is always the Yorkshire tennis camp, hosted at Giggleswick school in the Yorkshire Dales. From ages 8-15, the six day course includes coaching, tournaments, use of the school facilities, social activities and more. 



In the stunning Valley Gardens, there are tennis courts which you can book online. These do tend to get booked up quickly, especially in the summer months so it’s always worth checking the weather forecast and booking in advance. Prices vary, for an hour adults – £8.60 per court, children – £4.50 and you can also hire rackets for £2.20 and 4 balls for £1.80. The four courts are well maintained and after your game, you can have a pork pie picnic in Valley Gardens!



In Peel Park, you can find some free tennis courts. Peel Park has a large lake and areas of parkland. Including a skate plate, kids play areas and also tennis courts to play on.


Rountree Tennis

There’s a lot of free events this Summer. If you take a look through the ClubSpark website, you can find an event in your area. The Great British Tennis Weekend events should be good fun. There’s sessions for all ages including mini tennis, family time, free play, cardio play and more. The 20th July will be the Rountree Tennis event but take a look through all the listings if York isn’t local to you.


The misconception that tennis needs to be a game played in only a club in tennis whites can be completely altered this summer! Being part of a club we’re sure is fun, as is sitting courtside at Wimbledon, but ultimately, just have fun! There’s so many places to play a free game – so get your friends together this summer! We will be booking a court near our bakery at Leaming Bar. For a full list of free and play&play courts, you can take a look at this website.


We love getting outside in Summer and playing some sports – either competitive or for fun. Tennis definitely doesn’t have to be an elite game and is so much fun to have a game before a picnic in the park. Just don’t forget your pork pies!

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