Your Festival Food Checklist


If you’re heading to Leeds Festival at the end of August, you’ll want to start planning your camping checklist. A big part of camping is deciding what to eat – festivals can be pricey so the more food you take the more you’ll save. We don’t want to live off beans all weekend though – our handy food guide has some great suggestions for eating well all weekend.


The most important meal of the day, there are lots of choices for delicious festival breakfasts that are super easy to make:

– A big bag of bread rolls or bagels (or both!)
– Eggs for a fab egg sandwich – a great choice as they don’t need refrigerating
– Cereal bars, good for breakfast or a snack
– Porridge pots like these from Morrisons. To prepare them all you need is hot water.


Your lunch food should ideally keep well all weekend, but if you take a cool bag with some ice packs you’ll be able to keep dairy and meat cold over the first day. Our favourite lunch foods include:

Pork pies, of course! Our mini pies are great for festival snacking
– Your favourite chutney or chilli jam
– Pickles
– A good selection of cheese. We love Dale End Cheddar, Blue Monday from Thirsk and Ribblesdale smoked goats cheese
– Mixed olives
– Some posh crisps, like Piper’s with Kirkby Malham chorizo
– Cake, the more homemade the better
– Fresh fruit
– Dried fruit and nuts
– Rice cakes or Ryvita
– Your favourite toppings – peanut butter, Nutella, jam


You can buy burgers and other fast food at festivals but they certainly won’t be cheap. If you want to eat well on a budget without any mod cons, take a look at our easy camping meal ideas. Some other fab staples for quick and easy meals include:

– Couscous
– Packet soups
– Instant noodles
– Meat to be eaten on your first day
– Fresh veg for a camping stir-fry
– Tinned meat or fish
– If you’re allowed camp fires, a jacket potato made in the ashes is a great option


Festival drinks can be pricey so it’s a good idea to take some of your own. Always check before you go whether glass or cans are allowed. If not, you can always fall back on a good old box of wine!

Bits & Pieces

– Teabags, of course!
– Instant coffee bags like these from Lyons
– UHT Milk Dairystix (available from most supermarkets)
– Herbs and spices, kept in small cosmetic pots from your local drugstore
– Sauces like ketchup and brown sauce
– A tin opener
– A bottle opener
– A cool bag complete with ice packs to keep your dairy and pork pies cool over the first day
– A stove. Check the festival website to see which kinds are allowed
– Pots, pans and cooking utensils
– Plates and cutlery
– Napkins and wet wipes
– Washing up liquid (in another cosmetic pot) and a sponge

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