Yummy Treats for Runners


If you’ve been watching the London Marathon today you might be inspired to get outside and go for a run. Whether you’re a long-distance superstar, a park-run weekender or you’re just starting out you’ll need some tasty snacks to recharge, so here are our favourites!

A Mini Pork Pie

Our snacking pork pies are perfectly treat-sized, and great to eat before or after a run. Packed full of protein, they go perfectly well with a healthy salad or – if you need a hearty meal – why not have them with homemade chips and salsa?

Delicious Dried Fruit

If you’re running after work, it can be tricky to know what to eat in the afternoon to stave off hunger until dinner-time, without filling you up too much to run. We love snacking on dried fruit like apple rings, banana chips and dried apricots. Your local health food shop will have a great variety so you can mix up your fruits from day to day and keep things interesting!

A Filling Smoothie

There’s something about a smoothie that just feels healthy, and this one is great for a post-run treat. Simply combine a banana, some milk, some honey and some ground almonds in a blender and blend until smooth. This drink has a lovely nutty flavour with some sweetness from the honey it’s totally delicious and you’re still getting one of your five a day!

Greek Yoghurt

Did you know that Greek yoghurt is packed full of protein, as well as friendly bacteria? It’s one of our favourite snacks because it’s so simple, and you can add whatever you like to it to spice things up. Strawberries, mango, or *gasp*, chocolate!

Dark Chocolate

Chocolate doesn’t always have to be overindulgent – dark chocolate contains less sugar than milk chocolate, making it a healthier alternative when you need a chocolate fix. We like this dark chocolate from Green & Blacks with Yorkshire toffee pieces!

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